Uncommon Gifts for The Holidays

So most gifts given during the holidays are material, hands-on things that are usually gratifying to the recipient in some way, right? Anytime you hear the word “gift” or “present”, images of toys and technology and clothes instantly come to mind.

There’s a reason for this: tangible objects have instant value. The recipient can use, apply, consume, or wear the physical thing instantly upon opening the gift, so it’s a lot more gratifying instantly.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that people don’t enjoy receiving experiences like concerts, vacations, or sporting events. Those are just as fun, put they usually have a lot more planning that goes into them and they’re never instant. (They usually cost quite a bit more than just getting a few different items to wrap, too.)

But what about some other gifts that can inspire change? We’ve heard of people gifting gym memberships or subscriptions to fresh food delivery services. But we wanted to go out on a limb and suggest something different. Here are a few gift ideas inspired by keeping your mouth clean and healthy.

Electric toothbrush.

This obviously won’t be the main gift you give your kids or significant other, but it’s something a lot of people don’t typically go out and buy for themselves. Having an electric toothbrush will promote a cleaner, healthier smile, especially considering electric toothbrushes do a better job than manually brushing your teeth.


Very few people have absolutely perfect teeth. And that probably goes for your family, too. But everyone typically desires straighter teeth, they just don’t want to seek out the solution. That solution oftentimes is Invisalign, especially if the straightness of their teeth isn’t too bad. While braces correct extremely misaligned teeth, Invisalign can straighten teeth that may just barely be crooked. Your kids or significant other may enjoy getting this thoughtful gift, especially if they wouldn’t have gone for it themselves.

Interdental flossers.

These things do all the things floss does so well, though they’re much easier to handle and clean. Sometimes wrapping floss around your fingers can be a bit tough or just annoying to handle, so gifting these little flossers may make your family more encouraged to floss once a day like they should be doing.

Again, these gifts aren’t the “main” part of what you’ll be gifting your loved ones this year, but they’ll at least encourage better dental health in the long run.