Introducing Your Kids to the Dentist

Regular visits to the dentist are important for maintaining healthy teeth throughout life and visits to the dentist should start early in your child’s life. Now, it can be hard to figure out when to introduce your child to the dentist and how to do it in a way that isn’t intimidating and is a stress-free experience for everyone involved. Fortunately, we’re here with some tips!

1) Introduce your child to a toothbrush early. It’s a good idea to brush your child’s teeth early, even before they’ve all fully come in. Not only will this help keep their baby teeth clean, but it also helps get them used to and comfortable with someone else working in their mouth. They may squirm, but push through and try to brush their teeth regularly. When they are older, teach them how to brush their teeth on their own but be sure to supervise them so that they don’t swallow the toothpaste or make a mess of the bathroom!

2) Let your child come on visits with you. When you go to the dentist for your regular check up and cleaning, bring your child with you. If they’re a young child, it may be helpful to bring a spouse or older sibling as well to keep an eye on them and to reassure them if they get nervous. Bringing them to your visit will help them get more comfortable with the dentist office and teach them that, if their parent can do it, so can they.

3) Try role-playing. While you’re at home, you can brush your child’s teeth and also give their teeth gentle taps or scapes as if you were the dentist. It can help your child anticipate what to expect during their visit and make them more comfortable.

4) Encourage comfort items. Many children have a favorite blanket or stuffed animal to help them get through the day. If your child has something that makes them feel safe or comfortable, encourage them to bring it along to their appointment. As long as they keep it out of their mouth during the appointment, it will help them be brave during their cleaning!

5) Let them ask questions. Dentist offices are filled with interesting sounds, smells and tools. Encourage your child to ask questions of the dentist or dental hygienist about what they hear, see and smell. If they feel more in the loop with they’re experiencing, they’re less likely to be frightened.

It’s crucially important to build the habit of visiting the dentist early in your child’s life. We know that that first visit can be intimidating for both you and them, but hopefully these tips make it as pain free as possible.

Importance of Taking Care of Baby Teeth

Baby teeth play an important role not only in the dental health but also in the overall health of your child. If you are able to ensure health of your baby’s teeth, it will become easier for you to help them develop good dental habits. Helping them this way can be beneficial in the long run as they will be able to learn about the importance of healthy teeth for the rest of their lives.

Impact of baby teeth on child’s health and development

Healthy habits

Children start getting their primary teeth at the age of 6 – 8 months. At this time, it is very important for the parents to make sure that their children’s teeth remain healthy. This practice of caring for baby’s teeth helps the children to know about the importance of dental health and they adopt good dental habits more easily.

Development of speech

Taking care of children’s dental health helps the children stay away from gum disease and cavities. Among several benefits that they get from good dental health, ease in developing speech and habit of chewing foods are the ones that remain prominent.

Placeholders for adult teeth

The adult teeth start to erupt at the age of 4 – 6 years. Those teeth are going to erupt anyway even if the baby teeth fall off. But having the baby teeth intact until they could is actually beneficial for the adult teeth. The healthy baby teeth are like placeholders which keep the jawbone and the gums in good shape. It helps the adult teeth to grow without any major problems.

Taking care of baby teeth

Pick appropriate toothbrush

When it comes to taking care of baby teeth, the first thing to be taken into consideration is the selection of a good toothbrush. You have to make sure that you have picked a toothbrush with soft bristles. At this young, you may not want to give the teeth of your child an exposure to fluoride. Remember, brushing the baby’s teeth is the first thing that you can do to prevent bacterial nurturing in the mouth of your child. Moreover, they will see brushing of teeth as a good thing to continue for the rest of their lives.

The type of toothpaste

The toothpaste for baby teeth needs to be different because regular toothpaste can be quite harsh in this regard. You can pick toothpaste with no fluoride in the start. You can start giving fluoride when your child knows about spitting the toothpaste out after brushing.

The dental visit

Last but not the least; you have to make sure that you are taking your baby to the dental visits on regular basis. You can take your child to the dentist at the age of one year. These dental visits will not only let you know about taking care of your child’s teeth in better way but your children will also carry on with this habit for the rest of their lives.

Risk of Tooth Decay for Kids under the Age Of 5

In the recent years, there has been a surge found in the number of tooth decay cases in children under the age of 5. In England, dental care for the children under the age of 18 is free. Dentists there report about the thousands of children come to their offices to get their decayed teeth removed. And the number of cases increases every year.

According to a survey, 9,206 extractions were carried out in the children younger than 4 year between March 2015 and April 2015. A decade ago, this figure was 7,400. Population growth can also one of the major reasons in this regard but there is no denying the fact that proportion of cases with respect to the population has also increased.

There are some reasons for which the occurrence of cavities is quite higher in children. Some of those reasons are worth mentioning in this regard.

Sugar consumption

Foods available these days are usually high in sugar. It usually starts during infancy. Mothers mostly prefer giving their children formula. While formula may be a nutritious option, it contains sugar in an amount which can lead to bacterial misbalance in the oral cavity of the younger fellow.

The children who get their primary teeth erupted usually tend to feed on something other than just milk. There are so many dietary options for the parents here. However, it is unfortunate that most of the amount of sugar with most of the options is not taken care of. For instance, there are processed foods available for the small children. These processed foods are not only sugary but also starchy. While the amount of said ingredients in the organic foods is something which is not going to bother oral health of the kids, these ingredients are more than what’s required in the processed foods. So, you will have to make sure that you are limiting the consumption of these foods in children if you are not finding any way to completely banish those foods.

Apart from the processed foods, there are some natural foods too that can cause cavities. Certain fruits are too sugary for many children. However, not every child gets cavities even from the most sugary of the fruits.

What needs to be done?

The first thing you will have to ensure here is the oral hygiene of your child. You will need to clean the gums of your baby because they can have bacterial misbalance in their oral cavities even though they do not have teeth. You do not need to brush the gums in this regard. A wet rag should be enough to do the cleaning. As soon as the first tooth erupts, you need to shift to brushing of the tooth. There are finger brushes available that you can use to clean the oral cavities of your children. As the child grows, you can teach them about taking care of their oral hygiene.

Moreover, you need to take your children to the dental visit after every six months. These dental visits can help you make sure that your child is not having any oral and dental health issues.

What are the Benefits of Invisalign?

Today we all have become beauty conscious. This trend is more obvious in the growing up teens. They are getting bigger; figuring out things by their own selves and definitely looking pretty is one of the focal point. Being pretty includes your big smile that is something mandatory. If your teeth are not in proper shape, definitely make lose your confidence level isn’t it?

If you have teeth that are irregular, you definitely become self-conscious about how you look and how you appear in front of people. Your appearance matters a lot in today’s world. Most of the kids who need braces, temporary or permanent, have considered being a curse to them. Most of the kids feel as if they are looking as a nerd in front of the other cool kids. These metallic wires can be seen by everyone and everyone asks, oh you got braces, for how much time and many other questions that make you irritate.

The dentists have found a Solution to the metal braces:

The Dentist is always working to find new ways to protect the dental health of everyone that needs a treatment. Definitely day to day research brings our new advancements to make life more worthy and without being humiliated.

You are not a nerd anymore!

The dentists and orthodontists have researched a new way to fix the zigzag teeth formation through Invisalign.

Now the question arises what is this Invisalign?

Invisalign is the alternative to braces. You are not supposed to be worries anymore, as you have transparent Invisalign to fix your teeth. Invisalign the name tells the invisible braces. We can call it the self confidence booster. They are transparent braces that will not make you feel guilty or less confident among your age mates. People are not so beauty conscious when they have grown up and being an adult. But the teenagers have so much to do every inch of beauty tips that matters.

The Invisalign removable aligners do the same work as the metal braces does. The difference is that they are transparent and it doesn’t look awkward at all. The Invisalign doesn’t only work to fix the teeth it also controls the pressure on the teeth that needs to fix the teeth.

Why invisalign is getting popular among people of different age groups?

There are many advantages of Invisalign not only due to its popularity because of its effective nature of treatment and transparency:

The Invisible nature:

The Invisalign is 100 percent clear and transparent. People watching your lovely smile cannot even predict that you are having braces to fix your teeth and jaw. There would be no reason to be conscious that you are having braces. They are very comfortable for the mouth to adjust, not hard at all so it can not damage the cheeks as well. They are made up of surgical grade plastic which is why it is comfy and long-lasting.

Removable nature:

These Invisalign are healthy for the oral cavity completely. The metal braces were the ones always present in your mouth whether you are eating or drinking. But Invisalign has a removable nature. If you are eating and drinking, you are not feeling relax during that time. you can remove it. Eat and drink whatever you want and then do the regular brushing and flossing your teeth and you can put them back.

Eating healthy and stay healthy:

You can eat without feeling pressure or barrier while enjoying your favourite steak. Eat all what you want just remove the Invisalign. Eat of your own choice without being hesitant now with these blissful invisalign.